On the Bright Side...

Things are looking up! I was able to stick to the plan Peg and I worked out perfectly. I was surprised that I wasn't even hungry! At first I was worried about how my husband and son would deal with all of the vegetables in the house - but they seem to have taken to them. We are slowly making over our family meals to be more towards the "Mediterranean Diet" style of cooking. So I cook for myself once a week now and freeze all of my meals. Then I can just take them out when the time comes and heat them up. I make sure to have my meal at the table at the same time as the guys - so really I don't feel deprived. The support from my husband is amazing, he keeps saying he can already tell I've lost weight.

So I finally went ahead and weighed myself. I was seriously putting it off. I kept thinking of reasons not to get on the scale, but in the end none of them were good enough. I had to know. So I got on my brand new scale that reads up to 500 lbs. Then I got off. Then I cried. Then I screamed. Then I think I threw something at it. I hated that damn thing. Then I started thinking it was broken. So I got out the manual to make sure everything was working properly. It said that you had to hold still to get a correct reading. Well, I must have moved hard or something to make it have that number. So I got on the scale again and held perfectly still. The same number came up in green. 365. I almost couldn't breathe after I read that. I sat on the toilet and stared at it for a long time. I didn't know whether I was going to laugh, cry, or go crazy. So I just sat there. Then, Ladies and Gentlemen, came my epiphany moment. Exatly 5 years ago I weighed 165. I had gained 200 pounds in 5 years! I was carrying around a high school linebacker! What the hell is wrong with me ?!?!@$# At that moment I knew if I didn't do something now I could end up like those people you see on TLC. The ones who are stuck in their houses and can't take care of themselves. I refuse to be a couch lady. I can't - I will not let that happen to me! So I am now hereby officially taking control of my life! I will not act like this is ok anymore. I refuse to give in to all the same sad excuses and tired old reasons. I am going to do this.


jo said...

"I am going to do this."

Yes, I believe you are!

Tough, tough, tough thing you did--good for you. One of the reasons I named my blog what I did was so I would not forget--how could we?

Go, go, go. I'll cheer you on! I think the toughest part is over, facing that darned scale.

btw, I always wondered if the title of your blog was that delightful song in "our" favorite movie...I always assumed it was. Now when we're frisking to make a sandwich, it will be loaded with veggies! ;-)

Maggie said...

Brook, I'm in awe of your bravery.

I've followed your vintage blog and store for a long time, even posted a couple of questions where you were when you disappeared for long spells. I share your Pyrex addiction and have also struggled with weight for years, and I'd like to recommend a blog to you of someone I've followed for quite a while. Here name is Jeanette Fulda, and she dropped 200 pounds and blogs very humorously and sincerely about a variety of subjects. Check her out -- I think you'll find it inspirational.


Best of luck to you,


Mama Brook said...

Thank you so much gals! It brings tears to my eyes to know people care, and that I am not alone in this. I think that is one of the most moving and motivating things of all - that there are others out there!