My My My.

Oh man, I was a Jenny who got treated like a Caroline. Parking in cars is all the rage, these days. How times have changed.

Have a great weekend,
and don't let me catch any of you parking in cars with boys!


Lidian said...

Hi Mama Brook, hey thank you so much for that wonderful clip about how to be popular! Packed full of useful tips too, like repaying a guy with brownies and writing down a reminder to do hair and nails! (But AFTER I make the brownies, i guess).

I noticed that Caroline says she is going to get her scarf, but returns with mittens.

Amy said...

lol yep that's just what I was thinking...how times have changed. I love your new banner image btw :-)

Mama Brook said...

Thanks gals - I slaved away for a whole half hour on that banner :)

Lisa B. said...

What a great video! Gee, I miss the days when people were polite and considerate (even thought it hasn't been in my lifetime)! And everyone dressed...I've seen more people out in stores and resturants in their pajamas lately...what's up with that? I think schools need to restart those "educational" videos. Am I sounding like and old woman or what?!
Oh, great new banner!

RainbowVintage said...

I LOVE this! Hilariously sanctimonious, although it does raise some good points about manners, and the reasoning behind them.