Killing Time.

I , as I'm sure most of you have, have been extremely busy lately. I listed a ton on ebay and I'm now adjusting to mass sales and mass shipments. I'm still exploring more avenues because I really don't want to have to rely on a "ify" corporation for my income. I hope eventually to have enough stock to just have my own .com.

In other news, Derek is working on a job lead that would allow us to live in Vegas. He asked me if that was OK. Um, DUH! What glamour girl doesn't dream of living in Vegas or Hollywood? Keep your fingers crossed for us guys and dolls!

In vintage news, I've had to limit my collecting severely. With the move coming up in August, we really can't buy too much stuff; and as we all know my pyrex is taking over the house. I really have to talk myself out of pieces that I don't have space for or that I'm not avidly looking for. It stinks, 'cause I'm a shopaholic! So I'm just doing online fake shopping for now. Here's a couple of the things I've let myself buy.

yummy peanut butter bars!
awesome flame orange descoware pot.
Awesome belt buckle of Lucy& Desi!
more cool ones like it at http://devilish.etsy.com!

So finally we have the gorgeous belt buckle Stephanie sent me. I am a Lucille Ball fanatic!!! I am one of those crazy I Love Lucy people who have a Lucy purse, wallet, bathroom, painting, and soon to be tattoo. That was the best present ever! It honestly made my week!
Thank you so much baby cakes!

Well I'm off to fulfill housewife duties,
but I'll be back with more goodies soon!


Stephanie N said...

yay!!!! I am so glad it finally got there!!!!!!!!
You are awesome :)

Amy said...

you have lots of cool stuff, I love I Luv Lucy!

Monica said...

Hey you cannot pass up pyrex!!!!

Lucky you moving to Vegas!!

Diane said...

Oh yes Vegas is good you would be a lot closer to me (:
Hugs, Diane