A couple great cook books, including the
1961 Good Houskeeping Cookbook,
and one all about ground beef!
Here are the great pictures inside the Good Housekeeping Cookbook.

A 60s electrical can opener. It's a little dingy and needs a good cleaning,
but it still has the original stickers on it.

I found a devine set of Fire King dishes at the Habitat General Store. They are in the less common Fleurette pattern. I found dinner plates, salad plates, dessert dishes with saucers, a platter, a serving bowl, and a cream and sugar set.
These were a steal at 30% off their already low price.

So now comes the debate... do I keep them or sell them?
What is a girl to do??


Heidi Ann said...

My mom had that Good Housekeeping cookbook in the 60's ( I now have my own copy), and when I was a girl, I made that torte you show in the picture. I liked it - which is why I remember it so well after all these years! I got a kick out of seeing it in your post; thanks for the memories.

Mama Brook said...

As always, you are so very welcome! Now I know that it's good, so I will definitely try the recipe this week!

oliveoyl64 said...

Is the Habitat General Store part of Habitat for Humanity? Oh man, I wish our chapter would do the thrift store. They only do the building materials.

periwinkle vintage said...

Omigosh, I remember eating spaghetti off of those white Fire King dishes as a kid! Love them!