It's Finally Happened.

My thrifting has finally taken over the house. It's taken over the kitchen,

even the freezer wasn't safe,
the living room was a goner,

not even the hubs toy shelf was safe.
So, I'm going to be doing some 'power listing' on Etsy. If you see anything you like here leave a comment and I'll let you know when it'll be listed. (The pink Pyrex and the 40s yellow Glasbake casserole aren't going to be listed.)

P.S. Do you like the store's new logo?

Till next time guys and dolls!


Mitzi said...

Wow great stuff! And I love the new logo... too cute!

Mama Brook said...

Thanks hun!

Lisa Wilson (& Alfie!) at The Pickled Hutch said...

I have tons of the solid pink pyrex. I discovered it when a piece of it came with an aluminum casserole holder. And in this business, it usually does take over!
Lisa & Alfie

Stephanie N said...

Aw, who cares if it takes things over for a while? It's your business!

Monica said...

looks like my house!!!

Gina said...

love the yellow thing.