Saturday Score.

Today our local Antique Mall had a great pre - holiday sale. We went and got lots of good snacks and some good finds. Some things were over priced, but I did get some good deals. Then we checked out a new thrift store that just had a grand opening - talk about jackpot! we got some great stuff.

I'm also adding more to my Etsy tonite. Here's a group shot of all the items.

here we have:
  • 1950s melmac cream&sugar set (pink)
  • 1940s lamb shaker set (orange)
  • 1960s pyrex bowl (green)
  • 1960s pyrex bowl (brown)
  • 1970s pyrex bowl (woodland pattern)
  • 1960s rainbow glass dish set
  • 1960s tiki glass pair (green)
  • 1950s pyrex ice bucket (clear with gold crackle)
  • 1950s Fire King bowl (yellow)
  • 1950s Kromex canister set (just like mine!)
Be sure to check out my store later tonite if you see something you like!


Stephanie N said...

I'm so jealous! Good for you, though!!!

Mama Brook said...

That's funny - because I was going to tell you I was jealous of your jewelry!!