D- Day.

Well ya'll. It finally happened. I thought that I had years before I even approached this stage, but my time has come. As I was rolling over in bed the other night, I heard a loud crack, followed by a quick drop on the floor. An earthquake, you ask? I wish. Folks, I am ashamed to even type these words out loud - I broke my bed.

Now, I have always been a bigger person. I was never the type to shy away from dessert or lose an arm wrestling match. But how did this happen? I've always seen myself as middle of the road - overweight, but 'pleasantly plump'. When did I cross the state line into Fat-Land? How did I not notice the road signs screamin' out at me? Well - this blog is due for a change of pace. I think it's high time that I started losing some weight, and maybe backtracking to read some of those signs. Won't you join me?

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jo said...

Ouch--so sorry about the bed! I'll join you...I've been on a health journey for over a year now. It isn't easy, but once you get going you feel so much better.

Best wishes.