There's not much to say about what's been going on lately. We finished unpacking
(and didn't find our camera!) and Hunter and I have mostly been hangin' out and
seeing the sites. I love our little town! Way too many cute shops.
The thrift stores here are a joke - they are horribly over priced,
and no pyrex worth even looking at. The antique stores are priced well,
but the selection is grim. Oh well, I guess it's better that my thrifting
slows down as I'm getting ready to go back to college next semester.
UVA should be exciting!

So what's everyone else been up too?

I hope your thrifting has been going better than mine!


Lidian said...

Hi Mama Brook! The thrift stores here are pretty expensive too, but once in awhile I find something, just not too often. Goodwill is especially expensive, don't know why.

That is exciting, going back to school! What are you studying?

Mama Brook said...

I'm actually majoring in Geology!
Imagine that, huh? .But it's my first love (after retro and Hunter-man).

Monica said...

it depends on the shop here, some are cheap, some are expensive!!!

Vintageappliguy said...

Hi Mama Brook,

I just found your awesome blog via Retro Renavation (by the way you are aware that they guy on your opening page is actually frisking an RCA Whirlpool and NOT a Frigidaire aren't you LOL) ...welcome to Virginia. I live right outside the town of Vienna Va. which is about a 30 minute drive from Barack and Michelle's new digs. You are right when you say thrifting here is the pits but you have obviously not been to the DC Big Flea at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantlly Va. It is a show that is done about every 3 months and they always have tons of great 50's stuff including pyrexware. Now of course the pyrexware is not going to be thrift store cheap but I know of 3 dealers that always have real nice stuff when it comes to pyrexware and 50's stuff in general and there prices aren't to bad. If you go on Sunday (it is held on both Saturday and Sunday) they are usually willing to deal so they do not have to pack anymore stuff up at the end of the day than necessary. FYI it is only probably a little over an hours drive from Charolettesville to Chantilly. The show is in 2 buildings and the cost to get in is $10. The next one is on March 7&8. Also if you go to places like Berkeley Springs WV and Front Royal and Strasburg Va. you can still get reasonable prices and find some cool things at thrift stores. For example I found a never used Presto Electric Pressure Cooker with all the pieces for $8 last summer at the Berkely Springs Good Will. You just have to know where to look around here to find the good stuff and have paitence because around here it takes a little longer to find anything good......PAT COFFEY

DavidPaulSeymour.com said...

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