Jesus Murphy!

I am so sorry guys and dolls, but I have left you in the dust. I know I said I would never do it - but I neglected my blog for a two whole months! Quite a bit has happened so I do hope you'll forgive me!

Here's the scoop:

Derek got a ton of job offers but we settled on Charlottesville, VA. We then had to deal with a mountain of paper work for him to get out of the service, and quite a bit to get our move set up. Now let me tell you - packing was no easy feat. Do you have any idea how much all the pyrex I have adopted weighs?! Derek almost threatened to throw it out!. From our small 2 bedroom apartment we filled a 26' Truck, a roomy hatchback, and an entire minivan.

So we set off early Saturday (the 9th) and the highway is completely backed up. The 2 1/2 hour trek ends up being doubled. Not to mention it's hotter that satan's butt outside. Thank the lawd we hired movers to unload. They waited patiently for us while we were stuck in traffic. Now, just so you can get the scope of this - it took us about 4-6 hours to load the whole truck. Packing was about 1 - 2 hours of that. We had a bottom floor apartment and our own entryway. Now these movers took an hour and a half to fully unload.

Did I mention we moved into a third floor apartment?

Yep, three whole flights of stairs.

Needless to say, we tipped those gentlemen well.

So here we are - almost fully unpacked and enjoying life. I wish you cats could see it! This town is swingin'! It's the biggest little city I've ever been to. With the fall semester of UVA starting right down the road, there are TONS of jobs for me to choose from. So, off to unpack more. I'll give ya'll a shout and maybe even some pictures this weekend.


Amy said...

cool! Did you manage to find room for all your pyrex?

Lidian said...

Hey, mama Brook, glad to see you back! What a move that must have been - Pyrex has its own gravitational pull, I think (mine does)...and the heat, yep, no fun at all. Glad you had nice movers and are all settled in!

Lisa B. said...

I'm so glad to know you are alive and well!! I've missed you:D Can't wait to here more about your new place!

Mama Brook said...

Aww thanks gals! I missed ya'll too!

I sure did find room for my pyrex. We moved into a bigger apartment with a better floorplan. SO my pyrex is happy, and not a single piece was broken or chipped during the move!

Mitzi said...

Yay! I am excited for you! Yes please please please post pictures - you know we are dying to see your new digs!

sweetheartville said...

Glad your move is over. I've moved more times than I care to remember, usually in the sweltering heat, and often involving stairs, so I feel your pain.

Stephanie N said...

I am also bad-not only did I also neglect my blog for a while-I neglected YOURS too!!! Boo on me :(
I miss chatting with you!