I'm Back!!!

Did you miss me?? Of course you did!!
We had a great trip, but we are just plum tuckered out!!
I had a great haul - you wouldn't believe how much great stuff I found.
I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...

(check out the little one's diaper butt in the background ^)

And you should have seen what I had to pass up due to lack of space in the van!
But our new kitchen table set is so worth it!
Next time I'll post some pictures of the great antique malls and co-ops.

So what was every one up to last week/end??


Diane said...

You are Back, and yes what a wonderful haul... I sure do wish I was with you (: Do you collect vintage pyrex?
O r do you just buy and re-sell? You did real good girly!

Lisa B. said...

Hurray Mama Brook is back!!! I sure missed you! I cannot believe all the cool c**p you find in one week!! You are like a pyrex magnet...tell me...does it just jump in the car with you or do you actually have to get out and pick it up?! Hope you had fun with the in-laws!!
As always...thanks for the good wishes.
Later Tater!

Heidi Ann said...

Wow! And you got another table?? Love the look of the chairs! What a fabulous haul!

Leilani said...

Oh my, I'm jealous of that Pyrex haul, especially knowing that you are younger than me! (Everyone always makes fun of my well-stocked china hutch).

Ronn Ives/FUTURES Antiques said...

You are such a fine example of Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. I'm proud of you.
Ronn at OCD Central

Mama Brook said...

I could never have done it with out your inspiration! :)

Ronn Ives/FUTURES Antiques said...


I think I'm getting all misty... STOP!!


Sharkeysday said...

Love the plate with the couple! That's awesome!