What $10 gets you...

On an awesome thrifting day.

Vintage KitchenAid Mixer (Model 4-C)
Pyrex Pink Scroll Dish (w/lid!)
Butterfly Gold Baking Dish
Fire King Peach Lustre Pie Plate (free)
Fire King Jadite Scalloped Cup (free)
2 Fire King Soup Ramekins


Lisa B. said...

You must live by the best thrift stores ever!! I haven't seen that kind of stuff in any of our stores in years! Good for you!! Very cool!

Amy said...

oh I am so ever into Pyrex! It's so hard to come by here!

Heidi Ann said...

All I can say is Wow.
Okay - again - WOW!

Diane said...

Where do you live? We don't find that stuff in our Thrift Shops... Lucky Girl

Lisa B. said...

Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. You are the queen of pyrex! I would love to see photos of your whole collection some day!!It's amazing how much you find...I have a small collection of fridge dishes but they were hard to come by.

Monica said...

WHOA What a score!!!!! I am impressed!!!

Regina said...

I am so jealous! I haven't seen any Pyrex (or Kitchen Aid for that matter) at my local thrifts (goodwill). You go girl!

The Apron Queen said...

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